A passionate internet entrepreneur & investor. In love with nature & golf. Freigeist.

As an e-business founder (Shoepassion, Absolventa, Monteurzimmer), I have always enjoyed exploring the roads less travelled. Well experienced in e-commerce, marketplaces & omnichannel. My main focus is on product development, people & e-business strategy.

I put my money where my heart is: between my initial investment (Heinrich Dinkelacker, Sellics, Masternodes, TheLabelFinder) and exiting the company (Monteurzimmer, Absolventa) is where the hard work comes in – I am focussed on helping with this aspect.

As a free-spirited and creative thinker, I make up my own mind regardless of the dogmas of others. I love to grow as a person, and am, therefore, constantly searching out new forms of inspiration.

Golf gives you an insight into human nature, and also your own. As much as I enjoy playing golf outside, I also love to spend time in our indoor golf studio. I am grateful that I have been able to set up my holiday home between the second and seventh holes on one of the most beautiful golf courses in Europe.

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